Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 551.56 with no generation for two days and the surface temperature is 59. The main lake and creeks are both stained. It is to rain a bit tomorrow night and a cold front is moving in after that changing wind direction and getting much colder. it is 70 today.  It will provide a challenge for the Bass Masters but they can handle it. You would never know the resort was full by looking at it. All people are pre-fishing except a few family members. There are boats running all over the lake from all parts of the country. I hope they like it here.  The real tournament starts Wednesday out of 101 Boat dock. Lots of fish were caught last night and this morning by non-bass fishermen. The super moon is like daytime and I did not even need a light to come in. Many temperate bass (red meat fish) of all kinds are around point 7 in the late evening and can be caught on stickbaits at dark and spoons before in deeper water. They are also part way back in major creeks. Tom Kelly caught a bunch this morning and said his graph was lit up.  Blackburns creek has many white bass but most are small. Some black bass are on the banks but many are also still in open water on shad. Watch for shad to be pushed up to the surface at any time. I cast my spoon to them and hop it back as it sinks. It works even as they go down. I am mostly still fishing for bass, Walleye and crappie but cannot resist top water fish of any kind. Please release them immediately and do not haul them around especially if they come out of 30+ feet deep. Some stripers released yesterday swam away but showed up floating later. It is hard to believe it is December already but it is. Crappie are getting bigger and bigger. I like that. Only 21 fishing days until Christmas.