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To the trophy pond I go. Image title

I went out about noon and the fish were biting immediately. Caught two crappie right away and missed a big one getting it over the side of the boat. I must get a net but the fish are all going into the trophy pond anyway. I caught bass and crappie with the smallmouth being the largest. I was usuing a 1/2 ounce Bink's spoon and working the brush piles near blackburns Creek in 25-ft. of water. Some of the big bass are shallower. The surface temperature is about 55 with the creeks being a little colder. The visibility is just right for fishing in both the creeks and mainlake and the level is dropping just a bit and is at a good level at just over 552. I caught a couple of white bass just outside a brush pile on the main lake in 32-feet of water but am not interested in them. I want walleye, crappie and bass but to each their own. It was cloudy but temperatures were in the high 40's with the same for today. There was no wind making it easy to stay on the fish. It is to warm for the weekend and then cool off again. Blackburns has one cabin open with the rest full.  Call 1-800-635-0526. We will not charge you too much and the first boat stall is free and we are open all year. The normal high for this date is 48. 


Posted: 1:33 pm 12/14/2016
We have a weekend home on the lake up there, Gamaliel. Don't get to get up there as much as we would like. I enjoy reading your reports all the time. I'm curious, you mention the trophy pond a lot. What are you referring to ?
Scuba Steve
Posted: 4:32 pm 12/14/2016
An about a 3-acre private pond in a senior citizen neighborhood that I stock with big fish for their enjoyment for people with difficulty getting on the lake. They love it.
Posted: 7:09 pm 12/14/2016
Steve is the man no doubt, always about the other person. love him!