Norfork Lake fishing report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Mixed bag all caught on the spoon yesterday. Norfork has a lot of varieties of fish. Image title

The lake level is 560.14 and has dropped 3-inches in the last 24-hours with both generators running continuously. They are holding the White River at Newport at 23-feet and that is good. Should have done that all winter and we would be at 552 now but this level is ok barring any big rains in Missouri. We are to get no rain until next wednesday when thunderstorms are likely. It is getting dry. Bink reports about everything was biting yesterday except for stripers and he caught them all on his spoon. Our striper fishermen from Kansas are disappointed and say they can catch crappie a lot closer to home. They are having fun catching them and catfish here though. It is good to see a few White Bass showing up. The lake is staying stubbornly cool with the cold nights and is stil in the low to mid 50's and the water is slow to clear up but is trying. You cannot tell the clarity from the surface but have to either use an underwater camera or dive down there. Sometines it looks clear from the top but is cloudy down below and vice versa. Also the thermocline cannot be detected with a locator. What some people think is the thermocline is just a mud line above or below it.  We are far from forming a thermocline now. It is to stay with highs in the 70's for the foreseeable future and it looks like spring is finally here. Sometimes we go directly into summer. The next fishing event to look for will be the top-water bite for bass, hybrids, stripers and white bass. This will start soon and especially when the nightime lows stay in the 60's. Get out you Spitin Image and Zara Spook. After they go down you can call them back up if you know how to work the lures properly. It takes a little practice. We are busy resurfacing the pool and basketball court and then the improvements will be finally done. It is very busy here at Blackburns with people taking advantage of the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals on the lake and not having to pay for their first boat stall. Even with all of the improvements there will be no price increases at Blackburns this year. It is hard to hold prices with lumber and insurance costs increasing dramatically, but we have, so we do not have to increase rates on all of our repeat customers, which we have many and appreciate. The $59/day one bedroom price will hold until Memorial Day so come on down. If you are in the Mountain Home area for Easter stop by and check us out.