Norfork Lake fishing report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught yesterday and this morning on the 1/2 ounce Bink's Many Shad Jigging Spoon. Image titleImage titleImage title

The lake level is 557.54 and has dropped over 4-inches in the last 24-hours with 1-1/2 generators running continuously. We are now less than 2-ft. from the power pool and about 6-7 feet higher than we should be for this time of year but we are not at a not bad level. I would like it to stay at this level all the time.  It just does not allow for any surge caused by big rains which have been happening all around us. It will be interesting to see what they do as the power pool level gets closer. They typically slow down generation when this happens but you cannot tell. They do not report to anybody and have no accountability. The did reassess how Beaver Lake was to be managed taking into effect how the population has increased in the area and the economic impact if the lake got too high and decided tp keep the level lower. This will result in more water going into Table Rock which ultimately goes into Bull Shoals. They already do not let Table Rock get too high because of the economic impact to Branson. This leaves Bull Shoals and Norfork to hold the bag. We need to speak from a unified voice but nobody seems to care. The town is full, the lake is full, the parking at the ramps is full, the resorts are full for the holiday and they just keep coming. About every vehicle in town has a boat hooked to it. The fishermen that went out yesterday and this morning early did well. The spoon is the lure of choice and 32-35 ft. of water on main lake points is the place near brush or right in it. Trollers are getting a few small stripers and white bass but not many. Bass, crappie, catfish and walleye are the best. It is hard to troll brush but shad are easily found but hard to keep alive. It is going to be a hot day with highs in the mid 90's. I am ready for Tuesday and the start of fall fishing and peace and quiet. Blackburns rates go down to $59/day for a one bedroom cabin and a free boat stall then. You cannot beat that anywhere and our big pool with slide is open. Why pay more? Stay here and give the extra money to Disabled Veterans.