Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Tom Kelly is a good fisherman and can work that spoon.Image title

Lake level is dropping again and is at 550.13 with heavy generation for the last several hours. Tom Kelly caught some nice temperate bass yesterday and I did not do so well. Crappie and walleye fishing has sure slowed for me and if it was not for bass I could not catch anything at all. Maybe I need to get some shad and troll open water. (not likely) I am seeing some dead shad on the wind blown banks for some reason. The lake tries to clear and then gets green again.  It seems to change daily. Something weird is going on but I do not know what. It is not only the level drop as this happens every year. I hope it does not carry over to diving season as it did last year. The last flood really changed things with the water staying so high for so long. There are many more dead trees part way in the water. They should make for more cover in the spring. The level is where I like it for this time of year.  We received almost an inch of badly need rain and it all sunk in. Traitor and recruiter Joe from Olatha is finally gone. We are glad. Maybe he will not come back.  Are there no lakes in Kansas? If you have trouble on the lake do not call him as he will not help. It is a beautiful day and I will try and spoon up a few fish. We are doing some work on the dock and cabins now and you will like it when you get here. No price increases next season and we still have a free boat stall for you. Our new 150 MG internet is working nicely. It costs a lot but we have good coverage. We will suck it up.