Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 563.83 and rising and has risen 13 inches in the last 24-hours after a total of about 2.7 inches of rain. There is no generation and the level at Newport remains at 14-feet. It seems the only ones surprised about it raining in the spring here are the Corps Of Engineers. Their policy of hold and hope is not working again. The creeks run hard for several hours but have settled down now. The entrances of the creeks to the lake are muddy but the rest of the lake is in good condition. I am really glad to see the water finally clearing up, and it is doing so nicely. A lot of fish are in the backs of the creeks including crappie and bass but the season is about a month behind. The best fishing is ahead. The surface temperature remains in the mid 60's depending on where you look. The weather forecast does not look for much rain in the next week and should be good for this weekend. The crop of walleye look very good for this year with several showing up on the main lake in 20-ft. of water near the bottom and coming shallow in the late evening. Spoons during the day and soft plastics late.  Bass fishing is fair but the talk about fish on the bed are exaggerated. Those rumors have persisted since the Bass Cat tournament. The spawn has not begun in earnest for many sports fish. Walleye, yes.   It is very clear near the shore and I am seeing few beds but several big ones are staging in deeper water off the bank especially under docks. Talk about a good top water bite is also exaggerated. Some red meat fish are schooled and can be caught near the surface on shad early and late for a short period of time.  Mostly whites and smaller hybrids. When the threadfin shad spawn the top water fishing will dwarf any that is happening now.