Norfork Lake Arkansas Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 553.58 and is up just a bit with no generation for 24-hours. They just started one generator last hour. The White River at Newport is now at 4+ feet and about ready to dry up. It is not a real river anyway. It has water when they run the generators and is dry when they do not. The Buffalo is a real river. It is a beautiful day today with ample sunshine. The low temperature did not get down enough last night to cause fog and that was welcome. The surface water temperature is dropping slowly despite the warm weather and was 65 when I went out yesterday. The water had gotten noticeably clearer from the day before and you could see your lure down a couple more feet and is now about 7-8 feet. The creeks have also cleared. You could not see my submerged light off the dock a few days ago and now it is bright and there are a lot of fish on it. Bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish. The carp are gone. A couple of the bass are giant and everyone is trying to catch them. It was sunny with a little wind when I went out yesterday afternoon and the bite started off slow.  I caught two medium sized crappie and several nice bluegill on my 1/4 ounce spoon  in about an hour. Then I moved to a big brush pile that I have been building for several years and caught big bluegill as fast as I could bring them in but no crappie. They were down there but would no bite. The sun was going down and the wind went still and the crappie started. Six were caught by sunset in about 4-minutes along with a 2-lb. Kentucky bass. The bluegill mostly quit hitting the larger spoon. What a nice day. There were several boats out there and said they were having trouble catching fish. Three were trolling back and forth for a long time with nothing. I call them chuggers. One was trolling and taking his big motor in and out of gear about every minute to slow down and did that for a couple of hours. He will need repairs soon. I just do not see the fun in clipping a weight on a crankbait to get it down and dragging it around but to each their own. Not much sport in it or much skills and they lose a lot of fish when one does bite. It is hard to fish brush with minnows now as you cannot keep the bluegill off them but they seem to almost quit biting as the sun sets and it starts to get dusk. Now that the time change is in effect I still wonder how that changes happy hour. I am asking for a friend. It does not affect me much as I do not pay any attention to time anyway. Go out at day break and fish for a couple of hours. Go out again in the afternoon and fish until dark. It does not really matter what time it is. I like this time of year when things slow down. If you have not made it by now you are not going to make it. The day after tomorrow on wednesday should be good fishing. It is to rain before a cold front on wednesday night and there should be a good evening bite when the clouds come in and the wind picks up. I will not be trolling. The lake in general is in excellent condition and is at a perfect level for fishing. Now to find some of those big largemouth and smallmouth which have been eluding me mostly. The crappie, bluegill, Kentucky Bass and catfish have not. The fall foliage was a bust with rusty yellows and brownish reds. Three days of frost did not help any color and now we are past peak. Sorry. Maybe next year. It is still very nice here The color does not last very long anyway but it is still good to be out on a crisp fall day with brilliant colors around. Just not this year. The beautiful weather is making for an excellent time to make improvements to the resort and we are hard at it. You will like what you see when you get here and we are not raising prices this year. Others are. Check before you book. There are some big differences. You can use the savings to buy gas or better yet donate to disabled Veterans.