Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

I do not fish for White Bass much. But when the are this big I do.Image title

I had a wonderful afternoon fishing on Friday. It was in the 60's, sunny, with light winds. I headed for my first brush pile and there was a boat on it. Went to my second and there was a boat on it too. I work hard putting in the brush and would like to fish it once in a while. i understand how it works but it is irritating sometimes. While heading to another I noticed big scools of broken up shad with fish under them and dropped a Bink's spoon. They were in 48 ft. of water and from 25-35 feet down. Caught four big White Bass and two Hybrids in about 30-minutes and they were gone. Went on to brush and caught some crappie and bluegill and came in at 6:pm. I was unable to find any walleye or big crappie. That is what I am after. The surface water temperature was 48 degrees and water is stained green and just right for fishing. Everyday you can see your lure down a bit further. The level is 553.64 and they have been running one generator steadily for 2-days keeping the level fairly stable and dropping just a bit. The open water fish seem to bite best from about 11:Am until about 4:Pm. When you see your locator with schools of shad broken up, not a big blob, with dots and lines slashing through them you will catch fish if your lure is at the right depth. Spend more time looking than fishing. I lost my 1/2 ounce Arkansas Shiner Bink's spoon that I had been using for a month. i can get them out of brush but when you hook someone's broken off line it is nearly impossible to get it free. Blackburns had all of the open cabins full last night except one and I am going to have to open some more soon. Good problem to have. Things are in good condition here and things they are a changin. Come on down and be a part of it. Fishing is not great yet but will be soon. Just good to be out. One guest told me yesterday that is was just good to not be fishing through a little hole. I agree completey on that. Been there done that. Moved here with no mosquitoes and nearly never ice and fish all year. You cannot walk on our water or drill holes in it. I like that a lot. Open water fishing best with Kentucky Bass fishing second.