Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 553.22 and is creeping up and they just started one generator for the first time in several days. If they would create some current it would help get this brown water out of here. The north wind blew a bunch of it in Blackburns creek. It just does not want to clear up. The water temperature was 51 yesterday and I did see a few fish coming up on shad in the Robinson point area. They were white bass and I am not interested in them. Some stripers are coming in and I am concerned about the size. Maybe more died in the fish kill last year than was thought. We somehow went from 30-pounds being a big fish to 10, with many 20-22 inchers which are barely legal. I hope the big ones are still in there but people are killing the small ones and they are only a couple of years old. They are semi-put and take and do not reproduce.  Let them grow. Keep the white bass, they reproduce. Crappie fishing is still slow, bass fishing is fair and red meat fish is getting better. The lake from Red Bank to the 101 bridge needs to clear badly. I do not like fishing brown water unless it is in the spring in the backs of the creeks for catfish where the water warms more quickly. There are lots of places on Norfork with good water color and the lake in general is in good condition. We are just in a transition. They are not jumping in the boat or in a feeding frenzy but you can catch some if you work at it. I opened four more cabins Friday to keep from turning more people away. I will open the rest in a few days after it looks like the cold weather is gone. You can get a one bedroom cabin here for $53/day for two people and a free boat stall. Cannot beat that anywhere. I just spent $30,000 on cabin improvements and have not raised the prices. Come on down.