Norfork Lake fishing report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 564.44 and has dropped 3-1/2 inches in the last 24-hours with generation a little over 2/3rds the time. The hot weather is back and is to continue through this weekend and it is raising the lake surface temperature again to the high 80's. The creeks are clearing for some reason and a lot of the green stain is gone but that changes almost daily. The main lake remains clear. The dropping water is exposing more snags everyday and more of the brush near the shore is showing up. We just has a customer trying to get home late in the dark and tore the bottom off his pontoon. If this happens to you call Harold's welding. I suggest not being out after dark as the lake is changing everyday. The prop repair man is doing a brisk business and those fish finder transducers are not cheap. I will not fish a strange lake after dark anymore but seldom leave Norfork. No need to. The fishermen here are catching bluegill, crappie, bass, catfish and a few walleye. Several fish are about 30-35 feet down no matter the water depth. Look for cover.