Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Tom Kelly with some nice ones caught last evening.Image title

Image title

The lake level is 572 and has risen just a little over an inch in 24-hours with a few hours of generation. I had an 80-degree surface water temperature in Blackburns creek today. The water is very clear and good for swimming and boating. I could see down about 8-feet when running my limb lines today. The threadfin shad have spawned and baby shad are everywhere as are bigger ones. They spawn several times a year. Gar are starting to come in at night with the shad and will slow the catfishing and walleye fishing down quickly. When they move in the game fish move out away from them. I could see bass everywhere in and around the buckbrush. Bluegill too. Shakey head worms are working for bass and cartish. Tom Kelly caught some good ones yesterday. I am using bluegill for the limb lines. You have to bait them up near dark and check them early to keep the heron and bass off them.  The weather has been beautiful but a good chance for rain might happen early next week. We are not too wet here and the garden and grass are really growing. People really appreciate the covered porches on the cabins but not as much as they like the price.  Some are actually raising their prices again. Compare before you reserve. We will not charge you too much here at Blackburns.