Snowy with some sleet today

It is about freezing now and temperatures are not supposed to get out of the 30’s for the rest of the week. The normal high is 43. The lake level is still dropping slowly and is now at 553.03 with heavy generation for a few hours a day. I guess the big news is that ice is forming around the edges of the creek banks and starting the move out a little. Blackburns dock is back in the creek in protected water and it has only frozen in once in 20-years and it only lasted a few days. It could happen if it does not warm up. We usually get several very nice days in February. I went crappie fishing yesterday afternoon and started out with a minnow on a slip float but it was very slow. Then switched to a spoon and caught several and a good bass in deep brush near the bottom. When the sun goes down I always switch back to a minnow and was just about to quit when the big boys started to bite. I caught several in the 15-16 inch range and it sure was fun. I will get a picture when I clean them a little later. Not much boat traffic. It is wonderful to have such a nice lake to yourself. This snow sure clears the water fast.