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Caught several of these. Image title

It was 65 degrees with light winds when i went out last evening. I was surprised the water temperature was rising and is now about 49 degrees. I am fishing main lake brush . The deeper the better (40-ft if possible) Bump the bottom with your spoon. There was a lot of shad on main lake at 70- feet of water 60-ft. down in the middle of the river channel near Blackburns with fish above them. I was after bass and caught some good ones for the pond along with a few crappie. Both are together. The fish started to bite just before sunset. The lake level is 547.61 and they just started generating heavily.  it is about 6-feet low but is normal for the way they used to manage it by taking it down for the winter to make room for spring rains. We are very dry here now. it usually rains in february and the lake starts to rise. We will see. It does not need to drop much more. Lake is getting very clear.