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Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 564 and still rising with no generation for 24-hours. They are still running Table Rock heavily to protect Branson and the Landing even though the level at Newport is still relatively 25 feet. It is just below flood stage there.  Table Rock is at a normal level.  It has been sunny and a little windy for a couple of days and has really helped to dry things up. They should at least let out enough to compensate for the river inflow. Fishing has been slow for me for the last two weeks. I am having to work hard for only three or four fish a day. About two crappie and two bass are all that have been caught per day. You can catch white bass and small hybrids almost at will but am not interested in them. White bass are for people that cannot catch anything else and trout are for people that cannot catch white bass.(that has been my joke for years). I am a walleye, crappie, bass and catfish guy and many of them are in open water on shad still. I am glad the temperate bass are in the lake anyway. Not nearly as many shad are showing up this year as before and it is good that there will be no shad kill. It makes for easier fishing but it would be good the see the shad population rise a bit. I took two nice bass and two crappie to the pond yesterday but nothing big. They were all caught on the grub and minnow just outside the buck brush part way back in the wind blown creeks. Surface temperature is still 44 and the lake is still stained. The lake is still in good condition for fishing.


Ken Wagoner
Posted: 4:44 pm 02/25/2019
I follow your fishing blog and appreciate you putting it out. I live in West Plains, still working some and am unable to be out on the lake like you do. It helps to get a report from someone who is on the water most days and really knows how to fish; conditions can change a whole lot in a few days even. You say white bass can be caught almost at will, but I am embarrassed to admit I've had trouble this winter catching them, even when I've specifically targeted them. I've tried spooning for the white fish in open water but have trouble finding large schools and the ones I do find often won't hit the spoon. Is there some technique for finding the feeding schools of fish that I'm not on to? Ken Wagoner
Ken: Right now it is most important to have a good locator and look. More looking than finding. Just keep going part way back in creeks until you find
Posted: 6:08 pm 02/25/2019
I guess I did this wrong.
Posted: 9:40 am 02/26/2019
Steven, wanted to thank you for your daily lake reports. For those of us that live in far off lands it keeps us connected to the Lake. I would agree with your assertions that those in control of these dams have Army Corp have little interest in protecting all the environment. As living in the NW we here know who controls the water - Big AG., BIG Timber, and Big Hydro to the point that our salmon runs millions of fish returning have tricked down to 100k on a good year. Can you say “Katrina” again army Corp I’m charge. I don’t wonder any more I know. Money talk and BS walks Thanks again