Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

It has been windy but it is susposed to lay this evening and looks to be good weather by Friday. We received 1.7 inches of a rain snow mixture last night but none stuck here. It was so dry that all of it sunk in with no runoff. Grass is greening and flowers are ready to bloom.  The lake level is still stable at 554.13 with one generator running continuously. I did not fish yesterday but will give it a try this evening. The good news is that Game and Fish have agreed to stock Hybrid Stripers this year as in the past. This is an example of government, organizations and concerned citizens working together. It is refreshing. We all have the same goal. Now we need the lake to drop several more feet to take into account for spring rains and then stabilize for several weeks for a good spawn. it is dangerous to go into March at 554. it is at a good level for fishing and dock and launch access now though. I do not like fishing tournaments in April and May dead in the middle of the spawn. just sayin. Good weekend for a fishing trip.