Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home Blog In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here For Comments)

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It rained in the morning and hard again about 4-PM. We got over one inch of rain. The lake is rising slowly and is at 554+ with just a few hours of one generator running. The surface temperature is 84. One day the creeks are clearing and the next they are stained green. The fish are acting like it is September. I caught bass, walleye, a giant red ear bluegill that went almost 1-1/2 pounds, 4-lb. channel cat, one crappie and several other bluegill all in the same place. Into the trophy pond they went. Lou Lattray is here and catching all kinds of fish. He is a good fisherman and is always welcome. He says there are big schools of walleye suspended under the 101 bridge but many of them are short.  Bass are on main lake points on brush and big ones too. Tom Kelly is catching a big variety and is fishing flats in 27-feet of water. Bink is still on the walleye and stripers and is starting to pick up some good bass. In this cool cloudy weather you can catch fish all day. I had to duck into my friend Don's dock for a few minutes for shelter but he did not catch me. I will start diving again when the sun comes out. We are getting rain but no wind or lightening. That is good. It is not too wet and the lake is in excellent condition. 

Bink's Spoon is by far the best bait.Image title