Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Scuba Steve with some nice ones yesterdayImage titleThe lake level is 553.20 and creeping up with no discharge from the dam. The White River at Newport is 3.35 feet and very low. The surface water temperature is 75-degrees and should drop with the upcoming cool weather. It is to get only up into the 50's next week for a high and down to the low 40's for a low. I am not ready for that. The water looks clear from the surface but is cloudy down a bit. It will clear as it cools barring any big events. The new moon is Saturday and that combined with the very slowly rising water level is really helping catfishing.  They do not like a big moon or dropping water. There are several jug fishermen out there now. Here is how to set out jugs. First get about 30-feet of braided line 30-40 pound test. You can use several items for jugs but noodles and milk jugs with a handle work well. One quart oil jugs are too small. Put your name and address on the jugs. You are allowed 30-hooks total. Tie your line to the jug and tie a 1-2 ounce weight at the bottom of the line. Use 2-0 stainless hooks and make about five short lead lines about 1-ft. long and attach them to the long line separated about 5-feet starting from above the bottom weight and up to about 5-feet from the jug. Tie them so they will not slip or use 3-way swivels. Get 3-4 inch live shiners or bluegill and hook them behind the dorsal fin and not too deep to keep them alive. Wait until just before dark and notice which way the wind is blowing and go into a smaller creek. If it is blowing out go more to the back of the creek and if it is blowing in go more to the mouth. Look for water at least 30-feet deep. You want as much time as possible to be fishing so it does not blow out to sea or all the way to the back of the creek. No matter what, having the weiight on the bottom and using the drop-shot method will keep you fishing all the time from 30-feet to 5-feet as the weight touches bottom and it will not blow into the bank or get stuck on shallow points. You should finish setting them just as it gets dark. Make sure you have a long handled net and a good light.  After that check every two hours and take back out at sunrise. Remember that flatheads will bite nothing but live bait and if you try to go cheap and use hotdogs or cut bait you will not catch any of them and will mostly catch smaller channel cats and greatly increase your chances of catching gar and carp. Using this method you will be fishing from 5-ft. down to the bottom at 30-feet all at the same time. If you are missing a jug keep looking for it. It did not swim out by itself and usually heads out to deeper water. Good luck. Do not be surprised if you catch a big bass. Blackburns is still the home of the $59/day one bedroom cabins and the come with a free stall for your boat in our dock and we will not charge you too much. Give Debbie a call at 870-492-5115 for a reservation. Fishing season is just starting.