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Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The flathead are still biting on throw lines. Caught last night.Image title

The lake level is 569.21 and has risen a little over one inch in the last 24-hours. This is the third day in a row for a rise but it has not been much. There is still one generator running continuously and four spillway gates open one foot for a total discharge of a little over two generators. Just when it starts to drop a little it rains again. The water surface temperature is hanging in there at just below 60 and has been very slow to rise this spring. The smallmouth bass and flathead bite continues as does the crappie. I am catching some very nice crappie near brush in about 25-feet of water 10-feet down on a jig and live minnows on a slip float. Just cast the jig over the brush and let it sink while working it just a bit. Kentucky bass are there also. There is a top water bite some days for red meat fish and bass but the stripers are small. (7-10 lbs.) Striper fishermen are going to have to learn how to fish crappie and bass if they do not quit killing these small ones. Especially since none were stocked this year. Some good hybrids in the 6-8 pound range are being caught. The larger white bass are scarce. It is sunny and nice with light wind today and there should have been a top water bite.  I have not been out yet. It is to rain a bit early this week but several dry days in a row are after that. A few walleye are with the smallmouth bass. It was very windy and hard to get out of it yesterday but is much better today. Some nice fish are being caught every day and the lake is in good condition and pretty clear. You can see your lure down 5-6 feet depending on the color.