Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Bryan said he was going after bass and crappie and he did. Released under the dock. Image title

The lake level is 560.62 and has dropped a little over two inches in the last 24-hours with continuous generation. Dry conditions and little rain for several days has helped things a lot. The ambient temperature did not get as cold as predicted last night but it did get to 34 degrees but is still supposed to freeze tonight. The very warm weather scheduled for Sunday has now been backed up a day or so but the weather is still to be fine but cool for the next couple of days but sunny. The wind shifted to the north and it was cool but not too bad yesterday. The wind finally dropped last evening and is low so far today but is to pick back up again with the heat of the day which is not going to get out of the low 50's. The surface water temperature is also dropping slowly on the main lake and there is a bigger swing in the creeks but both are still in the low to mid 50's. The main lake is clearing and the creeks change from clearing to stained green almost daily. The current due to generation is moving downstream and is enhanced if the wind is blowing from the northwest. The variable wind, cold fronts and big temperature changes make fishing difficult. You cannot use the same techniques every day if you want to catch fish consistently. The bass and crappie are moving from shallow on gentle sloping banks part way back in the creeks to steeper banks in deeper water depending on the conditions. Work a small grub on a jig head off steeper banks in cool weather in the mornings. Park as far from the bank as you can cast and let the grub sink as it falls into deeper water towards the boat. Watch your line for a twitch. If is is warm go back further and work a creature bait on a lighter jig head in shallow water near the bank in the buckbrush. I am still not finding any crappie on the main lake on deeper brush piles but are finding them pretty far back in the creeks in shallow brush in 17-20 ft. of water when it is cool and cloudy and near the bank when it is warm and sunny. The males are not making nests yet on wood near the shore with the persistent water temperature in the 50's. They want to though and the bloodlines in the eggs in bigger fish are getting larger. One day the crappie are under the dock in 23-25 ft. of water and the next they are gone. Flatheads are part way back in the creeks and are biting several feet from the banks in about 10-15 ft. of water on live bluegills. I am using a small throw line with just a few hooks on it and catching some good ones every day.  Trollers are catching some stripers in Bennetts on live bait but not very big. Just a few White Bass of any size are being caught. Fishing overall is just fair and many striper fishermen are either turning into bass and crappie fishermen ot staying home. Dropping the lake a couple of more feet would not hurt anything and help several people with access. The top water bite that I was seeing back in the creek in the evening is gone with the cold weather.