Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Nice catch Keith.Image title

Don Katashuk with a good one.Image title

The lake level is 551.33 and stable with just a bit of generation. The surface temperature was just over 70 degrees when I came in from the main lake near Blackburns resort. The lake is clearing nicely and is very clear near the shore. The creeks are stained a bit but a good color for fishing. There are a lot of very small shad moving to the south facing steep banks at sunset and the bass are coming in to feed. Otherwise the larger fish that I am catching earlier in the day are absolutely full of 3-inch shad. Make sure you get them out of your livewell after you take out the other fish. The water is slow to cool down but the shad moving to the bank at dark now is a good sign for the night bite. The average ambient high is now 68 and it was 72 yesterday and sunny with no wind but is to be cooler with rain tomorrow night. I fished for crappie until sunset and caught a few with one big one around 16-inches and then bass fished until dark. I caught a couple of nice ones and came in. The moon was full and big. You did not even need to turn on your lights. The evening bite is better than the morning bite now but that will change as the moon gets smaller and then they will both be good. You have to be out there everyday to keep up with the changes. Weekly fishing reports are no good. Crappie have slowed just a bit the last two days but the good fishermen and still catching them. Don and Keith Katashuk are good crappie fishermenand are always welcome here at Blackburns. Nice folks. There is starting to be some fall foliage showing up especially in the evenings when the sun is shining on it. I have been checking Norfork lake, Mountain Home and other parts of the Ozark Mountain region daily and most of the change is in red and yellows. Again peak looks to be the last part of this month. Maybe better than I thought earlier.