Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

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It looks like the rain is on the way Monday night. It is hard to get an accurate forecast on the weekends since everyone is off and the reports are not updated. Listen to KTLO on channel 19 Cable TV at 7:AM tomorrow and Monte will give an accurate one. It does not look like this one can miss. They started up both generators a couple of hours ago and the level is exactly what it was 24-hours ago at 553.65 Surface temperature is about 50.   I hope they do not pull the same stuff as they did last year when they let the lake get too high and say this is what the dams are for. That is true but they had a long time to anticipate the rise and would not let any water out until it was too late. The rules governing discharge need to be reviewed especially after the failed minimum flow rule was started taking away 1.75 feet of storage capacity without increasing allowable levels at Newport. When I went out last evening about 5: Pm the lake was almost like glass again. It picked up just a bit. I fished a shadowy bank for walleye until dusk catching only bass and moved to the striper bank and switched to a stickbait and caught several but they were small. I am not interested in 6-8 lb. stripers but it is good to know they are moving in. Reports that the bite is in full swing are exaggerated. You cannot go out one time and catch a few fish and make an accurate report. If people rely on your report they will be disappointed. Fishing is not good everyday. Especially after a new high pressure moves in. Bink says the night Bite will be good in a couple of weeks and I agree. This stable water level is sure clearing the water nicely. We will see what happens. You will be the first to know. We need about 5 degrees water temperature rise.