Lake at 549

We received a little rain last night and this morning but not much. The ambient temperature is about 50 and it is cloudy. It is to cool tomorrow and then back in the 50’s for Tuesday and Wednesday. There were some good fish caught between the bridges yesterday spooning including stripers. They have been there as usual this time of year for several days. The big ones do not move very far to feed and wait for the shad to come to them and the shad are following plankton and the wind. I found some shad while on my way to a crappie spot last evening and they were in 70-feet of water but could only catch White Bass. If the shad come near brush and cover you can catch some big crappie and bass.The bass are liking shiners right now. Spend more time looking than fishing unless you troll and rely on luck. Both work. All of the fish I am cleaning are full of shad and not much else. There are few minnows on brush. It is hard to believe it is February already and I have a lot more improvements and brush to put in before March. We have had a mild winter except for one cold spell when it dropped into the teens for several days for lows and in the 30’s for highs. There is no frost in the ground and the water surface temperature is still in the mid 40’s. Now is the time to book your spring fishing trip. We will be ready for you and not charge you too much.