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Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Mark Aesehleman and Molly with a nice flathead. Image titleImage titleSonny Ealke with some good ones. The Soltysiacs can catch them too. Image title

The lake level is 570.12 and has been stable for 24-hours with the same amount of discharge.  They continue to drop the White River level at Newport on their quest for 18-feet.  It is now 19. With this amount of discharge you cannot expect the lakes to drop very much or very fast. What you see is what you get. The level has not affected Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental much and we have no diminished services. You can still launch your boat and park your trailers here without going to some remote areas that are very busy with day users. It makes it handy for single fishermen or couples that do not launch boats very well or drive trailers and unload them by themselves and then have to pick up the boat driver at the dock.  You can drive 1/3 of a mile down a nearly flat road, launch your boat, put your boat in a free stall and park your trailer in our parking lot and be finished until you leave. We are not huddled up on a cliff with restricted parking and a dead end road to the dock with little space for parking and turn around with no launch. All of our cabins are individual with covered porches and we have no duplexes that do not allow for social distancing. You can be in your own cabin and be a safe distance from your neighbor and the children can play in our big, flat, green palyground with lots of outdoor activities. We have restricted the numbers of people that can use the game room at a time but have ping pong, shuffleboard and other games under the covered pavillion. Our big pool will be open as soon as we get it painted and filled. It loks to be a good year and the lake is high but is in good condition for fishing and boating. You can still get a cabin for $59/day here at Blackburns with a free stall for your normal sized boat. Best prices anywhere. Best place, best price, closest to Mountain Home dining and shopping and you can get food delivered. Why pay more unless you just want to? Crappie fishing is pretty good with fish in the backs of creeks on wood about 12-foot down. Catfishing has slowed a bit but I am still getting some. There is a top water bite some days but not every day. The fish are still in the same places but do not come all the way up. You can use a spook to draw them up or cast a swim bait with little or no weight on it. Bass and crappie are together and walleye a little deeper. The water surface temperature is still 66+ and slow to rise and the lake is clearing again after the rain.  It is sunny and beautiful today. The yard is mowed, the flowers blooming and the place looks good, come on down.  You are all welcome and the price is right. You can make your stimulus check go far here at Blackburns and get out of the house. We have a good set up here and all cabins are sanitized after every use. We have good rental boats at fair prices. Yes we do have 300 Meg internet.