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Caught Today On a Bink's SpoonImage title

Cloudy with a low pressure moving in with heavy rain likely makes for a good time to go fishing. I got my work done around 2PM and just got back in. Got walleye, bass and giant bluegill. A whole bucket full and they are now in Tom Kelly's trophy pond. I will put more in after diving season is finished. The visibility is bad now but should get better as the water cools. Depends on how much rain we get and how fast. The last one was too fast. I feel real bad for the people in Louisiana. We have many friends there and hope the best for them. The lake level is still at 553 and is clearing. The high was about 80 today and a welcome relief. I do not like winter and never complain about the heat but it was pushing the issue for a while. There are a lot of fish between Cranfield Island and the 101 bridge at 27-35 feet. There are less now.