Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 557.08 and has dropped a little over 5-inches in the last 24-hours. They shut off one generator and opened up three more flood gates one foot a couple of hours ago. They must be working on or checking operation of all the gates in order to justify not running the water through generators and wasting the money. I am glad they are doing it though and would like the level to be near 552 which was the top of the power pool before the worthless minimum flow for the put and take trout took away 1.75 feet of water capacity. So much for the idea the dams are just for flood control. Can't have it both ways. Overall, Norfork Lake is in excellent condition and the fishing is picking up a little. Where I was catching giant crappie, I am now catching smaller ones with some being only 6 or 7 inches. About 2 in 6 are keepers and they are only about 11-inches. No picture fish.  None in the 15-16 inch range anymore. They must still be in open water on shad as are many other fish.  Temperate Bass are being caught everyday with some good sized hybrids in the 8-lb. range.  Most stripers are small and less than 12-lbs. I put 6-crappie in the pond yesterday with no big ones and one keeper bass and had to fish hard to get them. The shad are showing up in shallower water and some should be close to the bank by the full moon on the 21st in the evening. We will see. Blackburns still has one bedroom cabins for $59/day for two people and contiue to not charge you too much. All cabins have covered porches with no duplexes and your first boat stall is free. No extra charges for trolling motors on pontoons.