Norfork Lake condition friday afternoon by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Late afternoon bulletin from Scuba Steve. I just checked my rain gauge and it was full indicating over 4-inches of rain. The creeks are running rapidly and where the water enters the lake is brown and growing in size. The creeks have not been flushed for several months and debris is running in the lake.  The lake has risen one inch in the last hour and they quit generating like they always do when it rains in order to maximize the rate of rise for some reason. It is now at 551.41 and will be over 551.50 next hour and will keep rising and the amount will be determined by how much rain they get north of us in the Norfork River basin. Local rains have an affect but not nearly as much as there. I will let you know and am heading back to the lake now at 3:30 PM. We are no longer dry that is for sure and it is not over. I tend to get more rain down in the valley close to the lake than people on hillsides and in town. I will compare and have a good rain gauge in a good place. I just got the road down to the dock in good shape and have to do it again. After the cold front comes in the temperature will drop dramatically with a hard freeze.