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Joe caught the twin to this yesterday. Nice fish.Image title

I just lost the walleye. They have moved off the main lake points and so have the bait fish. The visibility has also diminished a bunch. Crappie are still on brush and are the best bite now. Open water fish are moving south and will be near Cranfield soon. They like it there now that stripers and hybrids are now stocked there. White bass have also moved off the main lake points. Joe Cebula caught a 15-lb. flathead yesterday and another one today and donated them for the trophy pond. Thanks Joe. I put a bucket of minnows in there yesterday and I bet they move fast and keep moving with the number of giant fish in there. Tip for crappie. When you find them (most main lake points) on brush give it a try and then move. Rotate about three places and then come back in two hours. They will bite and in the middle of the day too but not continually. Catch two or three and when they quit move and come back. The fish are very nice sized. I will know more when I get in tonight. When this happens in October they move to the flats near Cranfield and are scattered. The night bite for stripers and walleye should be on schedule for the full moon in November which is the 14th. The surface temperature is still 73 degrees and it is too early to pronunce any seasonal bite has started but when they do move when the water cools they will stay put for a while. What is happening now is typical during and just after lake turnover but the warm weather has them still undecided on what to do. The lake is in excellent condition and at a good level.