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The lake water has reached 90 degrees on the surface and you have to go down past 30-feet to get to cold water but it is cool at 27-feet. The lake is stable at just over 552.6 and they are running run generator a few hours a day to keep it that way. Today is to be the hottest so far but we have not reached 100 yet and usually do in the first part of August. Our normal high for today is 91 and it should drop below that the earlier part of next week and be about normal for several days or a little below. It is getting dry again and we need some rain. We have received some about everytime we needed it so far this year without having excess. The lake is in excellent overall condition. People are all over the place. In the pool, swimming off the dock or on the lake. All of our cabins have covered porches and are individual with no duplexes and are not huddled up on a steep hillside but in a beautiful valley. If you are already here, check us out before you leave. We have the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals and do not charge for most boat stalls. We have 10 pontoons to choose from. I have not been doing the best diving lately. The walleye have moved from the main lake points, except for smaller ones, and are part way back in the creeks in 30-foot brush where the visibility is not the best. Some good stripers and bass are under the bridge piers and can be caught with spoons, especially in the evening. Night fishing with saltcraws is producing some good bass and bluegill are on brush . Crappie are scarce now but will come in in a few weeks. You will be the first to know. When you come to blackburns, We will not charge you too much.