Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught this and a few others today on the grub. Too windy to spoon. Off to the pond.Image title

Lake level is 545.44 and stable with no generation for 36 hours. We are to get some pretty good rain in the next few days. The level usually goes up in February. The surface temperature is still 45. The lake starts to clear one day and greens up the next. It has done that all year. I caught bass on the lake side of brush piles in 30-ft. and crappie also today. It was not fast and furious but I caught several.  I was drifting across the brush with a jig and picking up a few 11 inch crappie. They all seemed to be the same size.  I caught some Kentucky bass about 13-14 inches long and two very nice smallmouth. Smallmouth and Kentuckys are the best bite now followed by crappie. The big largemouth are scarce but a few are being caught. They usually disappear with the stripers but show up sooner. The stripers will move to their spring banks to simulate a spawn sometime in March and will bite on stick baits after dark. There was not a fall after dark striper bite last year but there is always a spring one. One is for spawning and the other is to feed. The weather is still a rollercoaster with cold following very warm. March is also very unstable but we always get some warm days. We are headed in the right direction. Fishing changes daily and there is no specific pattern. Some days they are down 9-feet and hit on the drop and others on the bottom. You cannot go out 1 or 2 days and write a report worth anything.