Norfork Lake Master Plan Revision (click here for comments)

There is going to be a public workshop concerning the Norfork Lake Master Plan Revision by the Corps of Engineers. September 30,2021 from 3:30PM to 8:PM At Arkansas State University 1600 S. College Street in Mountain Home and another one at the same place October1,2021 from 12:Noon to 4PM. The Corps of Engineers, Little Rock is requesting comments on the draft revised Master Plan and the draft Environment Assessment, which describes three alternative plans and impacts. For current information and to submit comments , please visit https://go.usa/x7b9v

Attend one of these two public workshops to learn the draft alternatives and provide your imput. It is very important. There are some radical changes proposed and this is your chance to have input. Comments must be submitted by October 29,2021 to Norfork MP Planner, Natural Recources Section  USACE, Little Rock District, PO Box 867 Little Rock, Ar. 72202 Fax 501-324-6230


This is very importand for those of us that care to have a say in how Norfork Lake is managed. Fill up those workshops and send letters, faxes and E-mails. They at least care a little about public outcry. This is our only chance and then it will be imposed and soon. 

Scuba Steve