Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

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It was windy yesterday afternoon and people seemed to catch more bass. Surface water temperature is still 55-56 degrees on the main lake and it is not moving much, even with the warm weather the last couple of days. It is to get cold again Sunday and the rollercoaster continues. The lake level is at 558.82 and has dropped about 4-inches in the last 24-hours. The new news is that they have closed the spillway gates and one generator cutting the discharge way down. This comes on the eve of the threat of storms and heavy local rain this evening and night. Go figure. Saturday looks good though. It is not windy now but it is to hit this afternoon. Not uncommon for April. The lake level needs to be at 552 this time of year to create some surge capacity for the spring rains. We are fortunate that it has been dry for several days. They have dropped the lake about 1.2 feet from it's high of about 560. I got some good fishing reports from Bass Catters yesterday saying fishing was improving. I went out for a while in the afternoon when the wind layed just a bit and caught some good crappie and bass. Took a bucket full to the trophy pond. All female fish were full of eggs and they want to spawn bad. The main lake is clearing just a bit but is still stained. I hope the Bass catters get in a good day before the weather moves in. They deserve it. It is about noon now and everything is good. Swim baits and grubs overall with crank baits on wind blown banks on shallow flats.