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The recent hot weather has moved the walleye back off the main lake points and part way back in the creeks in the stained water in 35 feet of water. The dissolved oxygen is very low and is keeping the fish above 40 feet and the stripers are in deep water above that depth. The water temperature has moved back up to the high 80's but we are in September now and it will drop soon with the cooler nights coming. The crappie were moving in but are gone again as are most of the bait fish on brush. There are still bass on the main lake points at 28-30 feet and a few small walleye with them but that is about it. Bink is catching walleye part way in the creeks in stained water and stripers suspended in 35-feet in water over 100-feet on the main lake near the dam and all on his spoons vertical jigging. It has been getting very hot in the afternoons at about 3:pm  with high humidity but that should be over for now for several days with this cold front moving in. They have been generating in the afternoons just enough to keep the level stable at 554.25  This is not the best time for fishing but will get very good when the surface temperature hits below 80 and the baitfish return to the brush bringing the walleye, crappie and white bass with them. The lake is in excellent condition and just needs some cooler weather for the fishing to improve. None of this is unusual. The diving was just starting to get good and the hot weather has set it back again for several days.