Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 558.15 and continues to rise with no rain for several days and very little generation. They continue to run Table Rock to keep it normal at the expense of Norfork. Hold and hope does not work very well in the spring rainy season. Two years ago tomorrow did not seem to teach anyone a lesson. The lake surface temperature is about 66 degrees and the lake is clearing with less pollen. Crappie fishing has slowed a bit with more smaller fish showing up but still not bad.  More will come out of the open water and on to cover as the fry grows and moves to brush. Same with walleye. The larger ones have spawned as have the bass.  Fish the buckbrush with finesse worms, shakey head worms and creature baits for bass. Use a very small slide weight for the shakey heads.  There were a lot of people bed fishing yesterday for bass.  The top water bass, hybrids, white bass and smaller stripers is good now early and late. The simulated spawn bite for stripers is over after dark but some fish are still coming up and near the bank on shad at dark. People are still taking pictures dock floors full of small dead stripers and think it is impressive. It is not. 10 pound stripers are not big. I do not fish for them much but a lot of people do. We are paying the price for over-harvest and a lot of the big stripers are gone. Release them and kill the white bass for meat especially while they are shallow and can be released safely.  The spawn has been good with the water level not varying too much and is in or past the buckbrush for cover. It is to get warmer with highs near 80 and rain later on this week. We get at least one rain every week in the spring but we are not too wet here. It rains just about when we need it. Catfishing on trot lines is good . I am fishing the backs of creeks  for big channels but a few flatheads are being caught in deeper water just part way in the creeks. Come on down we will not charge you too much. The money you save here can be given to disabled Veterans.