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Caught This Morning On A Bink's Spoon.Image title

The weather is to get very hot this whole week. This is a good time to take up night bass fishing. Get yourself a black light, put on flourescent line and get some salt craws and go on out there. Work the banks with a shelf just off the bank and fish the drop-off. Try the east side of Cranfield Island and the bank after the Boy Scout Camp. In the early morning be out there at first light and use the spoon at the mouths of creeks and main lake points in 30-35 ft. of water with brush for the walleye. Stripers are in deeper water but are at the same depth early. They move on out very deep later. Bluegill fishermen go to brush in 25-30 feet and use a small spoon, nightcrawler or crickets. Some crappie will be  with them but not too many. Bass have moved to brush on points in 28-30 feet with smaller ones including smallmouth shallower. Catfish are in there usual places and are feeding at night shallow at 6-12 feet. The lake level is 552.79 and is very stable with one generator running just enough to keep it that way. I am seeing lots of walleye almost everywhere I dive with the smaller ones shallow and the large ones in the cold water under 30-feet. Fishing during the middle of the day is slow.