Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comment)

People ask about Black Nosed Crappie. Here is a couple of views showing the black lines from the front of the dorsal fin to the nose.Caught yesterday.Image titleImage title

The lake level is 553.43 and is the same as it was yesterday at this time. They are generating just what is coming in from the river and nothing more and keeping the White River at Newport at a little over 9-feet. Nobody can figure out why they are doing this and are not likely to find out since there is no accountability. The surface water temperature was just under 54 and the ambient temperature was about 50 when I went out yesterday. The wind came up in the afternoon when the front came through, layed down after then and is supposed to get windy again later. You can get out of it sometimes but the wind blows through the old river channels no matter which way it is coming from and that is where I like to fish this time of year. It makes it hard to see your line and tell when you have a bite for bass, especially in the winter,  and when that happens I switch to crappie fishing. At least you can drift back and forth over the brush piles with your jig. I found some Arkansas Black Nosed Crappie, caught a few along with some small white crappie and came in. When you get into some small crappie it seems that is all that is biting there and the ones that are the same sized are schooled in the same place. The sides of the mouth are paper thin or thinner and you will lose the big ones if you are not carefull or happen to hook them in the top of the jaw. They will not live if you catch them in much if any water that is over 20-feet down. I saw on TV where people fishing salt water had this device that took the fish back to the same level that they were caught from and released them right away before the bends kills them. This might work for our catch and release people that are fishing deep water. Crappie caught in 25-35 feet of water look like their eyes will pop out and never make it so if I am not keeping any fish I simply do not fish deep water even though it may cut down on the numbers caught. It is cloudy with light winds and a temperature of about 50 now and a good time to go fish. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental is set up for fishing and is your go to fishing resort. We have different sized boat stalls for different sized boats and your first boat stall is free and have two fish cleaning stations. All cabins have big covered porches and there are no duplexes.  We are out there almost everyday and will let you know what is going on on the lake before you get here.