Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 560.61 and dropping over 7-inches a day with both generators running and 6-spillway gates open one foot. It has dropped over 3-1/2 feet since the high.  I am heading down to move the dock out now. You can drive 1/3 mile to the dock, launch your boat, park your trailer and keep your boat in a free boat stall and step on the dock walkway all without paying too much here at Blackburns.  No need to go elsewhere to launch your boat. It is very convenient when you are one person and more if you are two. The lake is clearing nicely and the surface temperature is in the mid 40's on the main lake with the creeks much cooler with the cold weather cooling the shallow water much more quickly. The opposite is also true when the warm weather gets here later this week. It was very cold yesterday with highs near 30 with a cold north wind. It is sunny and warmer today with high to reach high 30's with much warmer after that. Our normal high is 57. The lake in general in in excellent condition. Looks to be a good spring. We are finishing putting new laminate floors in Cabin #11 now. After that all cabins will have new floors and new metal roofs. No more shingles or carpet here at Blackburns. You will like what you see when you get here and there is no price increase again this year despite the property taxes skyrocketing and insurance rates increasing despite no claims. It is very hard to hold prices but we do not want to charge our loyal repeat customers too much and want to make things better for you. Your money goes for improvements not vacations. There is no other place that I would like to be.