Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

We have a new fish basket and two fish cleaning stations for your use. Live bait and tackle on site. Image title

The lake level is 548.88 and has come up 2+ inches in 24-hours. They just started both generators just before 9AM. It is 5.29 feet lower than this time last year and I like it.  The lake is stained a bit. The clouds are to thin this afternoon with some wind. We have had a lot of clouds lately but it has not rained us out from fishing for very long. Everything is very green and leaves are popping out all over as are mushrooms. It just has been slow warming the water. The same thing happened last year. The main lake needs to get to 60+ and is not there yet.  There is a morning top water bite most days and bass and hybrids are schooled on the inside of main lake points but many of them are small. The open water fishermen are finding fish but it is not easy and they are trolling a long ways to find schools and then they bite fast. I am still fishing in the backs of major creeks. The big schools of crappie I am finding are small and have not spawned yet. The giant crappie on this lake have a way of disappearing for periods of time and roam with the bait fish. After the bluegill and bass spawn and the fry grows a bit some of them will move to main lake brush on points and inside points. If you find brush with bait on it there will be fish. If not none. I will start fishing for walleye on flats and around main lake points the first of May or just before. When the thermocline forms they will be on points on brush just above the thermocline. Usually less than 20-feet on the bottom. Bait fish are moving into the creeks now and will bring white bass and hybrids with them. Many small bass are being caught now. Someone cut my trot line first day out but whoever does it will be on tv next time. Blackburns does not raise their prices and then offer discounts. We do like new customers but will not undercut our regular ones which we value more. You can still get a one bedroom cabin for two people for $53/day. If you just want to pay more, just give the difference to disabled veterans. We like them. We like them a lot.