Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region fishing report and lake condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

John Bornhop from St. Charles, Missouri releasing some nice ones under Blackburns Dock. Image title

The lake level si 557.61 and is the same as it was at this time yesterday with both generators running from noon to 4PM and everything else shut off the rest of the time. It is up 4-feet higher than it's low a couple of weeks ago. The White River at Newport is 13.10 feet and rising indicating much more could be released if they wanted to. 25 feet is the minor flood stage and that level does not hurt anybody. Surface water temperature is 74-degrees and people are starting to swim in the lake. We are filling our pool now. No dock, no pool no resort. The full moon is Thursday and the shad spawn will spike and it will be the best chance for a top-water bite so far this year. It has been a dud and unreliable. The striper numbers and size are down and too many small ones are being killed. The internet is being overloaded with pictures of dead small stripers in the 5-7 pound range like they were big prizes. I guess they only live for today and have no regard for the future. Let them grow. The main lake is fairly clear and the creeks are stained green but still a good color for fishing. The spawn has been drug out but is mostly over now but i did catch one crappie with spawn coming out of it but it was not one of the larger ones. Overall the spawn has been excellent with no quick rises or lowering of the water level. .Crappie are still scattered and some are still back in creeks and some are on main lake brush in 25-ft. of water. I found a couple of places where there were several in a school but not like they will be later. More fish of different species are in open water on shad than before with the absence of the high numbers of large stripers being gone. There are a lot of last year's bluegill spawn under docks and around cover drawing catfish and bass. Where ever you see a bunch of 3-inch bluegill near cover there will be bass and catfish for sure. Catfishing is improving but the full moon coming up will not help any.  You can catch some nice bass on top-water lures even though they are not coming up if you can work your lure properly and call them up. Overall  fishing is fair to good depending on the day but some nice ones are being caught everyday. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental boasts the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals in the Ozarks. Compare and give Debbie a call at 870-492-5115 for a reservation. We still have two cabins and two pontoons available for rent for the Memorial Day Holiday. All cabins are individual with no duplexes and all have either screened-in or big covered porches. A free stall for your boat comes with a cabin rental of two days or more. We are pet friendly and have lots of stuff for the children. Bring their bikes. They will like it here.