Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Carl Scott with one nice Norfork Lake Crappie. Image title

The lake level is 556.71 and has risen 2-1/2 inches in the last 24-hours with the one operating generator running from 9:AM to 5:PM and nothing the rest of the time. We missed the storm again yesterday but did receive about 1/2 inch of rain. We are now to have good weather for several days. The surface water is 73-degrees and warming nicely. Bass spawn is about over and it was a good one. Crappie are still in various stages but a few are returning to main lake brush with the fry minnows and mostly big ones.. Norfork Lake Crappie do not spawn all at once. Black Crappie spawn first followed by Black nosed and White Crappie. We are fortunate to have three different ones in the lake and I like all of them. We also have three kinds of Catfish, Channel, Blue and Flathead and I like all of them also. The White River at Newport is 13.77 feet and dropping. They are running Bull Shoals heavily. The main lake remains clear and the creeks stained a little green but very clear near the shore. The lake overall is in good condtion and at a good level. The top-water bite for Bass and Stripers is improving but still not good. I am not sure it will be. Some White Bass are coming up most days but I am not interested in them. They are fun for novices to catch. Blackburns was full yesterday but have a couple leave today. The weather looks beautiful so give Debbie a call at 870-492-5115 for a reservation. We also have two cabins still open for Memorial Day and several pontoons and bass boats to rent. It is nice here. Compare prices. If you are in town stop by and check us out for your next visit. We boast the largest Magnolia tree in the country and it will bloom soon. It is worth the visit to just see it.