Norfork Lake arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Caught on the Bink's Spoon.Image title

The lake level is 560.55 and has dropped 1-1/2 inch in the last 24-hours. They are only generating 6-hours today despite the hot weather everywhere, high power demand  and below average rainfall. It is dry here. They are still holding the area lakes up high like they are obsessed with it. The White River at Newport is 12.23 feet indicating they could let much more water out if they wanted to. The minor flood stage there is 26-feet. Below that does not hurt anything or anybody. We need new local management, a review of the rules of generation and accountability not just more inspections and made up rules for dock owners. If it were not for the low rainfall this year they would have flooded us out worse and blamed the rainfall when it is management. At least Table Rock and Branson Landing are normal. That is all that matters. The surface water temperature is 84+ degrees and rising and the water clarity is fair with a thermocline at 23-feet with a mud line from about 22-26-feet. A lot of fish are at 30-ft, but the visibility is not good there either. Spripers are on main lake in deep water just on the drop-offs on points and are moving deeper and further south. Several in the 7-12 pound range are being caught on the jigging spoon. Crappie are schooled and roaming with a few stragglers on main lake brush in 30-ft. of water 15-20 ft.down.  The larger schools with move to the brush with the bait as the water warms and the bait grows later next month as will the White Bass. Flathead catfish are spawning. Bass are moving to the bank in the late evening to feed on crawdads so a saltcraw works very well on a jig head. Other larger bass are on shad in open water. The larger walleye are moving to deeper water with the stripers leaving the smaller ones behind om main lake point brush. It is very busy here at Blackburns with children filling the big pool and running all over the place. We have a good group in this week with several repeat customers and a few new ones taking advantage of the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals in the Ozarks. Compare prices and give Debbie a call at 870-492-5115 for a reservation. We especially welcome Veterans and Police. You will like it here and we will not charge you too much.