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Norfork Lake Fishing and Fall Foliage Report

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The lake level is at normal pool and the surface temperature is still in the high 60's. Both the main lake and creeks are stained. It is hard to tell if the lake is turning unless you are scuba diving or have a device that you can drop into the water and check temperatures as you go down. Aqua cameras have that.  If it is the same from top to about 35-feet it has turned. The creeks are first and then the main lake. The main lake has clouded in the last few days indicating something has happened. I fished four brush piles yesterday afternoon and caught crappie on all of them both on main lake and in the creeks.  I am a little disappointed in the size but there are a few big ones. Blugill fishing is very good. There are a lot of shad at the mouth of Blackburns Creek with some white bass on them. They are not the big ones though and not the hybrids. I am not much interested in white bass but the big ones are fun to catch. As for eating, they only work if you cannot catch crappie, walleye, Kentucky bass, flathead catfish and bluegill. The weather cleared yesterday afternoon and the wind was variable. It is to rain again late Friday night and Friday afternoon will be good for fishing. I have some reports of bass being caught using spinner baits on wind blown banks in the creeks but have not confirmed that. I have been using the 1/4 ounce spoon almost exclusively but will hook up the grub and try my favorite bank this evening. I love being outside and watching the wild life. We have a big Bald Eagle hanging out near Blackburns dock. The fall foliage is disappointing so far this year but that could change a little. It is beautiful here but if you are just interested in peeping leaves it is probably not worth the trip. 

Norfork Lake Conditions and Fishing Report

It has been cloudy and dreary for several days with just a little rain. A little over 1/2 inch total but needed badly. One interesting thing to watch is the lake level. They have been generating heavily for several weeks (waited until the summer season was over to start for some reason) and the level is now 554.49 which is just above the top of the power pool of 553.75 which changed due to the minimum flow for the put and take trout on the rivers taking away flood capacity. It will be interesting to watch the generation as the level approaches 553.75. The Corps of Engineers seem to want to keep control of the generation schedule and have in the past slowed way down as the power pool approaches. We will see. When I went out last evening it was misting rain. I hit a couple of close brush piles and caught several nice crappie and big bluegill on the 1/4 ounce spoon. I am using the green multi-colored one that is like a bluegill. I nearly filled the livewell and turned all of them loose under the dock. I am watching to see when the big black bass, white bass and crappie move inside the brush to the banks in the evening. When that happens we will start watching for the night bite for stripers and hybrids. Things they are a changin.

Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental

The weather is in the 80's and the surface temperature is still in the low 70's and the lake is still dropping. We need rain bad and should get some Friday. I do not know what to say about the fall foliage now. It is still on schedule for peak the last of October but the colors do not seem to be as brilliant as usual. The rain could change that. I went fishing last evening and never left Blackburns Creek and caught crappie, catfish and white bass all on 1/4 ounce Bink's spoon on brush. Not a lot but some pretty good ones. I am looking for big black bass to move in but have not found them yet. They are still in open water. Reports that the fish have moved to the bank are premature. I caught all of my fish near 30-feet of water and all on brush near the bottom. A lot of fish were suspended over the brush but I was not after them. Crappie and bluegill. This is a good year for big bluegill. Joe Cebula from Olatha, Kansas is back and catching fish as usual. He caught three nice stripers just north of Cranfield Island on a spoon in 40-feet in the middle of the creek in one hour. Had to get back for the Royals game. He brought me a blue hat as my red one is out of date. Image title Welcome back Joe. Rich is missing out. Hope he likes Florida. I do not. 

Norfork Lake Striper and Hybrid Striper Fishing

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Caught fishing with a jigging spoon in 30-feet of water part way back in the creeks in stained water.