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It Rained All Day Yesterday But We Went Fishing Anyway

Tom Kelly says he is catching several good fish but has to work harder for them this year. Image title

We went out about 1:Pm and started catching crappie right away. They quit about 3PM and started back up at 4PM. We caught 20-Nice ones with other fish mixed in and came in at 4:30. We have received over two inches of rain so far with more coming. The lake has not come up much and is now at 557.76 and they have been running one generator continuously while starting the other one intermittantly. It was 62 degrees when we went out and 48 when we come in. It has been a cloudy and rainy weekend but the fish are biting. We had nearly a full house at Blackburns with people taking advantage of our low winter rates. 1-800-635-0526

Norfork Lake Conditions and Fishing Report

It has been cloudy and dreary for several days with just a little rain. A little over 1/2 inch total but needed badly. One interesting thing to watch is the lake level. They have been generating heavily for several weeks (waited until the summer season was over to start for some reason) and the level is now 554.49 which is just above the top of the power pool of 553.75 which changed due to the minimum flow for the put and take trout on the rivers taking away flood capacity. It will be interesting to watch the generation as the level approaches 553.75. The Corps of Engineers seem to want to keep control of the generation schedule and have in the past slowed way down as the power pool approaches. We will see. When I went out last evening it was misting rain. I hit a couple of close brush piles and caught several nice crappie and big bluegill on the 1/4 ounce spoon. I am using the green multi-colored one that is like a bluegill. I nearly filled the livewell and turned all of them loose under the dock. I am watching to see when the big black bass, white bass and crappie move inside the brush to the banks in the evening. When that happens we will start watching for the night bite for stripers and hybrids. Things they are a changin.