Several times a year weekends come alive with festivals of one kind or another. The majority occur in the fall and summer. The most famous are Hootin' & Hollerin', the Mountain View Bean Fest, the Yellville Turkey Trot, the annual Mountain Home Crafts Fair, and Norfork Pioneer Days. The Ozark Folk Center has something going on almost every weekend. Be sure to ask us what is happening during your stay! Here are a few examples.

Fireworks - Rent A Boat & Go!

What makes Norfork Lake fireworks special, besides one very good pyrotechnical show, is the thousands of boats that illuminate the lake surface. Some 40,000 people gather on land and water for this annual event. Boats gather before dark to ensure a grand viewing spot. While waiting for the show to begin spectators swim and party. By dark some 3,000 to 4,000 boats spread across the area between the Norfork bridges. Yet departure is orderly and sensible. If you have never watched fireworks over water, rent one of our boats and go. You'll enjoy it. Be sure to get there before dark as half the fun is what happens before the show!

Pioneer Days

The Ozarks were horribly torn apart during the civil war. Missouri, which is only 16 miles away, was a critical state to control. Only Virginia and Tennessee saw more soldiers killed than Missouri. Towns were burned and outlaw gangs ran wild, killing and plundering in the name of the war. Both Union and Confederate armies also burned and destroyed incredible amounts of local landowner assets. Today, several reenactment groups perform a couple of times each year. Persons playing various pioneer characters not only dress the part, but talk it. Before you know it, you have enjoyed a great history lesson!


Husband calling contests, outhouse races, pet shows, music, craft sales, homemade ice cream, you name it. True to the rural America Heritage, several area festivals take place in the Ozarks beginning in early September. There is one going on somewhere within a sensible drive every weekend. While most have the usual line up of games, snacks, and sales booths, there are also many unique crafts and demonstrations representing the Ozark culture.

Dry Run Creek Fishing Derby

It is not often you run across a children's event like the Children's Fishing Tournament held at Quarry Park at the base of the Norfork dam each June. Children aged from 16 years old down to the youngest child capable of holding a fishing rod join in the fun. Several local businesses donate prizes and money. The young champion shown above won the bicycle, the fishing rod, and a few other prizes as he was not only the person to catch the most fish, he also caught the largest trout of the day. Children from all over the central U.S. travel to Norfork to compete in this annual event. Like adults the young men and women who fish this tournament take it seriously but still have a blast.

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